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Fountain of Unicorns

Fountain of Unicorns

It is the first centre to be reached on the tour when coming from Rome (km 46, the Cassia Cimina Road). It belonged to the Duchy of Castro and Ronciglione and was founded by Paul III in 1537.
In the past the town was famous for a variety of "industrial" enterprises such as ironworks and paper mills; important printing works emerged.
Among the Farnesian monuments to be remembered are: the Torrioni, the remains of a fourteenth century stronghold, and the Fontana dei Liocorni, ordered by the Farnese and which dates back to the sixteenth century.
Among the important festivals of the town is the famous Carnevale (Carnival). There are characteristic horse races without a jockey which take place through the streets of the town itself, Corse a vuoto di cavalli (February and August).
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