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Wooden Crucifix

Wooden Crucifix

San Lorenzo Nuovo provides an interesting example of 18th-century town planning. Set on the banks of the basin of Lake Bolsena at the point where the Maremmana and the Via Cassia meet, the town is laid-out according to a plan typical of the Age of Enlightenment, with a large octagonal space in its centre. It is here at the heart of the town that the parish church of San Lorenzo Martire (St Lawrence the martyr) is situated. The church houses a thirteenth century wooden crucifix. On the street directly in front of San Lorenzo Martire is the church of Santa Maria Assunta which contains paintings by the Capuchin Friar Fedele da San Biagio. Between the towns of San Lorenzo and Bolsena in the fertile countryside that has been known since ancient times as the Val di Lago stands the church of San Giovanni (St John). A lovely building from the 1500s, the church was designed by the architect Pietro Tartarino, a pupil of Alberto da Sangallo. In June, the Corpus Domini procession takes place. In August, on the feast day of its patron saint Lawrence, the town enjoys the delectable feast of the "gnocchi".


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