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Viterbo - Royal Room of

Viterbo - Royal Room of "Palazzo dei Priori" - Castle of Vetralla (particulars of the ceiling)

This sizeable town, squeezed lengthways into a narrow plain between two waterways, has some mediaeval features. The Collegiate of St Andrew the Apostle, the main church of the town, is a vast building whose design that already foreshadows the neo-classical style. Begun in 1711 by G.B. Contini and consecrated in 1721, the church now contains some precious paintings and a reliquary of gold-embossed silver. The church of St Francis is the oldest in Vetralla. It was built on the ruins of an earlier edifice which belongs, probably, to the 7th century. In the 12th century, the church was extended and took on its present form. The simple facade encompasses a lovely front entranceway above which arches a lunette decorated with a floral theme. Outside the town, the church of Santa Maria in Forcassi, dedicated in 1449 to the Virgin Mary on the occasion of a holy jubilee, used to be visited by many pilgrims on their way to Rome. The interior of the church contains a few remaining traces of frescoes of the Virgin. The Rocca di Vico was a fortress of which only one turreted round tower still remains. The fortress was a large and important edifice that commanded an important strategic position on the Via Cassia. Every year, on 8 May, a ceremony of very ancient origin takes place in the wood on Mount Figliano in front of the Hermitage of Sant’Angelo. The “Wedding of the Tree” is an allegorical nuptial celebration connected with ancient fertility rites for the granting of a good harvest. Another important festival takes place on 17-18 June when townspeople place flowers in the windows and dine in the wine cellars. In December, there is a living Christmas Crib parade through the streets of the old town.


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