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Centeno - A resting station

Centeno - A resting station

A picturesque village which, legend has it, was founded by Porsenna. Proceno is most certainly of ancient origin as Etruscan tombs have been discovered there. The church of Santa Maria del Giglio (St Mary of the Lily) with its frescoes from the Zuccari school is well worth a visit as is the church of San Martino (St Martin's) which was built before 1250 and contains frescoes from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The Sforza Palace (1535) is an impressive building with an ashlar doorway. Further down is a mediaeval citadel with three towers and a keep. Further down again is the parish church, the foundations of which are Gothic, though the church underwent transformations in later years. Of the original construction, the church retains its cusped doorway and the interior including the pointed Gothic arch (“ogive”) at the entrance to the presbytery.


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