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Front entrance of St. Sebastian Hospital

Front entrance of St. Sebastian Hospital

A picturesque village poised on the top of a high jutting buttress of tufa, Capranica was probably founded in the eighth century by the ancient inhabitants of Vicus Matrini who had escaped the destruction of their old town. One of the principal buildings is the church of Santa Maria (St Mary's) designed in 1866 by Vespignani. The church houses an 1808 statue of the Madonna delle Grazie (the Merciful Virgin Mary), a canvass painting of the 12-13th century by Salvador Benedicente, a 15-16th-century Triptych depicting Saints Terence, Roch and Sebastian, and a 15th-century tabernacle. The Romanesque church of St Francis, restored by Antonio Munoz in 1927, contains a marble sepulchre in which the twins Francesco and Nicola Anguillara who died in 1406/08 are buried. The main church, the "duomo" of San Giovanni (St John's), is of 16th-century origin and has a Romanesque belfry. It was rebuilt in the 18th century. The interior consists of a single nave that leads to an altar with a Renaissance tabernacle. There is also a 16th-century wooden crucifix and a splendid organ. Some 500 metres or so down the Via Cassia in the direction of Viterbo stands the church of the Madonna del Piano the facade of which is attributed to Vignola.


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