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Museo Civico “Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia”

Blera, Museo Civico, interno (Foto Comune di Blera)

Blera, Museo Civico, interno
(Foto Comune di Blera)

Located in the centre of Blera, a suggestive small village situated about 30 km from Viterbo.

The Museo Civico "Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia" includes a section titled "The horse and the man" as a result of the need to document a complete picture of the relationships otherwise destined to oblivion, with the aim of making know, safeguard and revitalize the relationship between man and horse in an area strongly characterized by the presence of this noble animal.
Anyway, the museum’s project, is not only to conserve but also to show the visitor everything about folkloristic costumes as well as the various amazing experiences occurring between man and horse. Along with traditional media such as panels, articles and captions, there is an extensive use of computers, audiovisual equipment, dioramas and dissemination of ambient sounds, all within a structure marked by modern and beautiful architectural solutions.

The museum is divided into two areas: the first, on the upper floor dedicated to the prehistory and proto-history; the second, downstairs and partly in the open area is reserved to the modern and contemporary art and explores various aspects of the Maremma’s folklore.
The prehistoric and proto-historic sector shows the origin and evolution of the horse, the beginning of the "horse-man" legacy, from the early feeding use to transport and riding.

In this area a series of images and readings concerning the horses’ ancestors, the role of the horse in the Paleolithic cultures, and the domestication, the introduction and the spread of domestic horses and other equines in Italy; the use of the horse in Italian Proto-history as well as its use in funerals and religious rituals.
The demo-ethno-anthropological sector takes us back into the modern age in the cowboys world in the Maremma and in the Roman countryside.
Alongside the economical factors, most directly related to the relationship with this country (ovine and bovine transhumance, herds carriage to the abattoir in Rome) in this area of the museum, zoo-technical knowledge as well as the native’s crafting abilities are also visible; the unfolding and the specific work of the "Butteri" (a sort of cowboys typical of the Maremma), some folkloristic celebrations as well as oral traditions (stories, proverbs and songs) in which the horse is the protagonist. The exhibition themes are man-horse-country; the manufacture of saddles and harness, the lifestyle of the "Butteri"; the "doma" (horse breaking) and the "merca" (livestock-branding), as well as the horse in folkloristic celebrations. The space outside the structure houses the faithful reconstruction of areas related to the relationship between man and horse: the stable, the drinking, the horseshoer workshop, the rod for the breaking, as well as the typical Maremman hut.

For a visit
The Museum’s collections can be visited on
Friday: 9.00-13.00 / 14.30-17.30;
Saturday: 9.00-13.00 / 14.30-17.30;
Sunday: 9.00-13.00 / 14.30-17.30.

From 0 to 18 years and 65 years onwards there is a reduced fare of 2.00 euros, 18 to 65 years the cost of the ticket is full (3.00 euros).

Museo Civico Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia
Via Umberto I - 01010 Blera VT
Telefono: +39 0761 471057


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