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Festa della Madonna del Fiore

Acquapendente, i Pugnaloni (Foto Comune di Acquapendente)

Acquapendente, i Pugnaloni
(Foto Comune di Acquapendente)

The Religious feast takes place in the village of Acquapendente, about 60 km from Viterbo.

The story tells that originally the Pugnaloni were only the "prod" ("pungoli" instruments of peasant workers), decorated with flowers and leaves which were used to honor the Virgin Mary.
They, subsequently, have evolved into the form we know today.
The origin of this tradition traced back to 1166, when the Madonna del Fiore was assigned the miracle of the flowering of a dry cherry tree, an event which gave the population the strenght to rebel against the tyrannical governor Federico Barbarossa.

Each year, the third Sunday in May, the popular feast "Mezzomaggio" or "Madonna del Fiore", also called the "Pugnaloni". takes place in the small village of Acquapendente

The "Pugnaloni" are large paintings (2.60 x 3.60 m.) made exclusively from flowers, leaves, twigs, inflorescences and whatever comes from plants. The artists are the young natives of Acquapendente who on the early days of May use to go searching for materials through the beautiful woods and in the countryside surrounding the typical small village then make its selection in accordance with the quality and colour.
The represented subjects go from religious to social contemporaries. On the day of the feast the Pugnaloni parade in the evening procession and a panel proclaims winner, between the enthusiasm of some people and the disappointment of many others

For a visit
Admission is free; after the festival, the "Pugnaloni" remain showing in the cathedral until the next year.

Comune di Acquapendente
Piazza Girolamo Fabrizio, 17 - 01021 Acquapendente VT
Telefono: +39 0763 733442


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